FACEIT - JavaScript error


I can’t open faceit client. I have tried reinstalling by deleting both folders from %appdata%, but it still doesn’t work.

How it was? - Firstly, I installed faceit and it worked. The next day I saw that I couldn’t connect. I removed it. Then, I went to the faceit page and saw that there are just troubles on the faceit servers. The next day I installed faceit, opened it and saw this error.


Problem has been fixed by updating windows and using script in .bat:
@echo off
del /s /f /q c:\windows\temp*.*
rd /s /q c:\windows\temp
md c:\windows\temp
del /s /f /q C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
del /s /f /q %temp%*.*
rd /s /q %temp%
md %temp%
deltree /y c:\windows\tempor~1
deltree /y c:\windows\temp
deltree /y c:\windows\tmp
deltree /y c:\windows\ff*.tmp
deltree /y c:\windows\prefetch
deltree /y c:\windows\history
deltree /y c:\windows\recent
deltree /y c:\windows\spool\printers

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