Faceit is literally broken



Match rooms:

Match 1.
lvl1 N3qz get more frag than lvl6 Trusina, and the lvl 8 PolskiP0lak didn’t overfrag his own team…
match 2.
lvl10 ssfw cheat us down, and the lvl2 Namar get more frag than his lvl6 mate
(cheat evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5a8b19a218622604e4/lock-to-head-then-perfect-aim-trough-boxes
tomorrow i will clip his all Major moments… this guy is so funny…)
match 3.
krrrrigan with lvl2 and ranuse lvl10 (2187 ELO) get the same frag…

i have only one question… what is broken? you rank system or the multi account filter?
these guys are boosters, or they has a banned or smurf accounts…
yeah… you can say, why we don’t play better… no… everyday we have the same matches… unwinable… after the half, they let us earn some round, and then they beat us… not every enemy cheatin… but for example ‘ssfw’ use cheat with enabled faceit anticheat… then i have a question… why should i pay for let me cheat myself down?


I’d say the whole faceit system needs a revamp. Tbh it seems quite stupid that your level is determined by whether you win a match or lose it and not by how well you play, it creates a really bad chain reaction. For example let’s say that a level 8 guy loses a bunch of maps and drops down to level 3. He’d end up making the game a bad experience for the opponent, and not only that he’d end up ranking up people who are nowhere near the skills required to play in higher ranks, which makes it harder for people in the upper brackets to play too. Say whatever you want about Valve but atleast you level up according to performance and not wins.