Faceit has detected unsportmanlike conduct from my recent matches

I played 1 game in 2 days, and I got along extremely well with my team and even joked a little bit while winning our game 16-8 or something. Then hours later it says faceit has detected verbal abuse in recent matches, then minutes later it says faceit has detected unsportmanlike conduct. Like bro, I’m just browsing amazon’s black friday deals why is faceit coming at me like this, you didn’t detect shit maybe someone just decided to thumbs down for no reason. I think this post speaks for itself, dear faceit, hop off will ya I pay 10$ a month for premium I’m a customer now bend down mate. I also wouldn’t lie as I’m aware you can download demos, if any of yalls are going to reply saying I was probably toxic, I wasn’t, like i said download the demos. It’s rare for me to be toxic, I get along with teammates fine, sometimes I even fake being nice just so I can get on my teammate’s goodside in order to assure the win. I guess you can say I shroud it out.