Faceit griefier, admins cant help


I upload the screen that I sent to the admin of live chat support, if u see this, it talk alone.
Is not normal that I pay for a service where the admin have nIt is not normal that I pay for a service where the admin does not have any power to cancel a match or simply ban a player ALSO IN FRONT OF TESTS provided live, which clearly demonstrate what is happening in the game, two games in a morning with the same result, two players already previously reported, because just read on their steam profile the various comments, monothematic, such as “faceit trollers” - “faceit griefier” etc etc.
So, the live support is totally useless unless the admin who understands the situation, and sometimes it happened, remain the server and then the match is canceled, making it pass for a server problem, a small subterfuge that the more admin stubborn have sometimes put in place against this widespread phenomenon.
But please give us the power to ban an overt griefier to get him out of the server to a fucking admin? or what is the use of paying for this service.o power to void a match while is


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@striker-1 - I have removed the screenshot and your second post as we do not allow witchhunting on the forums.

Please see here for procedures to follow to report cheaters / griefers: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001314150-How-to-Report-a-Cheater-and-more-

The volunteer live support admins cannot ban players.