Faceit ELO



My 2 matches - 1 lose and win: -25 ELO and +23 ELO
-25 ELO = score 11:16 ; 0.46 KD
+23 ELO = score 16:5 ; 3.14 KD

In my opinion this ELO system is bad for that high level of competition.

It should depends of:

I think with huge help of cummunity Faceit should change that system to be more fair. For exemple:
*if lose

SCORE :x:1 : :x:2 [X1-X2=-X1*-1=X1]
KD: 0>X [X-1=-y10=-10y~-10y]
KD: 0<X [X-1=y

score 11:16[11-16=-4] ; 0.46 KD[0.46-1=-0.5410=5.4~5] OR KD= 1.2[1.2-1=0.25=1]
score: -4*-1=4
KD: 0.54*10=5,4~5 or 1

10+4+5=19 - that amount of ELO will player lose
10+4-1=13 - that amount of ELO will player lose

*if win

SCORE :x:1 : :x:2 [X1-X2=X1]
KD: 0>X [X-1=-y*-10=10y~10y]
KD: 0<X [X-1=y*5=5y~5y]

score 16:5[16-5=11] ; 3.14 KD[3.14-1=2.145=10,7~10] OR KD= 0.87[0.87-1=-0.13-10=1.3~1]
score: 11
KD: 10 or 1

10+11+10=31 - that amount of ELO will player gain
10+11+1=22 - that amount of ELO will player gain

Really want to see the new system :slight_smile:

*Sorry for my gramma :smiley:


Elo system dosnt do sense anyway stop arguing about it.
I mean i do understand what you mean but its pointless.
Faceit decided to use elo and thats how its gonna be.

But it will be extremely unaccurate becasue you are (most of the times) paired with 4 other random players in your team.
If they play bad you will lose elo. If you play well they will gain elo. It just dosnt make sense to use elo in a teamsport especially not if its mixed queues.

Lets just think about chess.

If your chess club has a match then you usually have 8 players = 8 boards.
Strongest usually on board 1 etc etc.
And for chess there is an elo system btw.
But you will gain/lose elo on your personal performance. You dont get affected by the performance of your teammate whos playing on the last board because it would just be retarded af.

Bad explanation but maybe youve got what im trying to tell you.