Faceit ELO system random and shitty


If you come to faceit after playing hours on 64tick matchmaking and hope to find a better platform to compete , i honestly have to say don’t . Average player on this platform lacks gamesense , rotation knowledge and how to play as a team ; support , trade , positioning and call outs are aweful , (exp: People with mics not calling anything but shit talking you when you’re asking how the bomb already down and you have not heard any callout, making a call out is to hard but shit talking you when you complain about it has them talking non stop).
And when u finally move up some ELO get better teammates and starting to enjoy the matchmaking system starts screwing you over by queueing you all of a sudden with way lower ELO players , mostly games in a row . The fact that you should hard carry in a 5 v 5 team game is ridiculous.

There new FBI system is also bad and lazy, it just has people who dare to critique decisions and plays from there teammates to be punished because saying something , anything about people making mistakes again and again losing rounds is of course toxic . SO if u care about winning want a good experience don’t buy premium its not worth it.