FACEIT Desktop Client Problem

Hello dear Faceit! Sended mails to you, but seems like u don’t respond - so anyone from community can help me?

So my FACEIT client can’t be launched on my Desktop. It says that losing “sockets” and the app is just blank black screen - tried reinstalling it many times and still the same result. First time it worked - 2 weeks ago i had also anticheat installed and it worked fine - but after the day it stopped working. I thought that anti-cheat is doing that, and deleted it also, but no success at all.
Can anybody help me? I’ll share the screens

PS: FACEIT Web website is working and it’s good. But i need Client to tournament hosting & viewing GOTV if possible on CS:GO

Second image.

UPDATE - new error come up bandicam 2020-03-25 20-39-06-599

btw. god you’re not helpful people. I thought i can get help on this website.