Faceit DataAPI v4 2 play game ELO


I am testing out the faceit data api for my website where a user can view their stats and i came across a user who has 2 different cs go items in the response with 2 different ELO. why is this and which one should i be looking at ?

This is just a stab in the dark,
But could it be the regions causing this?

There could’ve been a bug on document insertion early on in the process, I would ignore all data where regions = null IMHO.

im not sure, i am just learning how to use this api and the data it provides. maybe someone on the faceit team could shed some light?

As i can see there’s obviously two different games: “csco” and “csgo”

habib is right, one is csgo, the other one si csco. Two different games two separate elo :slight_smile:


Damn, i never saw that… what is CS CO btw :rofl: