Faceit cs:go missions



faceit CS: GO can not see my tasks, only pubg


Give more details.


How will I share the picture


https://imgur.com/a/A4sTfrS look

ı cant see my csgo missions, only pubg


Click to CS GO icon left pubg icon


realy?, not working

not clicking


Its like a bug. It should be like that.


But as I can see you are not premium so you cant grind cs go missions!


I know, but I can still see


because my friends can see


if i can see if i will buy premium already


You can see there too.
Home page


I can not see :smiley:


do you have teamviewer or alpemix :smiley:


You wanna buy premium to grind missions?
10win = 1000P and 60win = 12500P
Otherways CS GO sub will be better but you cant grind missions.

I have teamviewer


I mean my friends can see tasks without premium