Faceit CS GO expirience

HI, i think this is the topic most of us players need to speak about. Faceit matchmaking balance sucks, btw i love the platform but this needs to change. How so that most good players who are trying hard to grind to get to top levels always match with 200 hours players who doesn’t even recognize the map. Most of the time they rage quit or just doesn’t even bother to even try to play and all good players are punished by being stuck in lower tier ranks and their only solution is to find someone to premade up with to make theirs live easier. My personal opinion is that Faceit need to change something about this common problem, like analyzing players game, info telling ect ect so that the player who care about climbingthe ranks can be matched up and agaist players that are simmilar to them.

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It is still way way better then esea to be fair

All thought I think they need upgrade there anti cheat a lot