Faceit CS:GO captains improvement "solution/idea"


Hi Faceit community,

so I stumbled onto this article about the match room and the captains, while I was searching for how to see previous matches that I played (to be clear I mean match rooms(v.s.) not the stats).

As I was writing this I went and searched on Faceit Client for myself and found it.
Then as I hope you read this article (and the comments) as I did myself,
I thought to myself: “How can such situation be prevented?” (Mostly about the captains)

(I’m just pointing out some things right now.)

Well from my POV it’s quite simple and those are that-

  1. The captains are not random.

  2. The captains are selected by Faceit staff members.

  3. The captains are a role model for example good behavior, on time etc. (With positive reputation.)

4.The captains are respectful towards his teammates and their wishes. (Things that can be resolved/negotiated)

So people don’t have to go through this as this person did and many people probably have.
This idea of mine lead me to believe that this could positively boost the experience of playing on Faceit.

This is just a simple idea however there are flaws in them, such as that the new update of Faceit with the queuing system. So that people are selected to play together on same level and on best/lowest ping. It’s hard to find the right person with similar level and similar whereabouts to be a captain.
So that will make it quite difficult task.

So any feedback’s and opinions on this idea is much appreciated. You’re also welcome to bring anymore ideas about the matter we speak of.