FACEIT Connect Scopes


While using Connect, I was unable to request for lesser scopes (such as just identity), is this meant to be implemented?
There’s no real use-case, I’d rather not put off users because they may think we track e-mail addresses even though we have no use for them.


Hi, thanks for your question.
Currently, the required permissions being prompted by the FACEIT Connect are a default, immutable set, based on standard OpenId with some minor variations.
We are going to add scope sets requiring different permissions based on the new APIs and endpoints that we will release.

Developer Tools Team


i have a problem then a play faceit with my friend. So i have a LAN connection but he have a wifi connection(notebook), on the same router, and if i am connecting first he can’t connect, but if he is connecting first i can’t connect…Pls help, what i have to do?


Hi there,
I’m afraid your question is beyond the scope of this section of the forum, which is dedicated to app & game Development tools.
Please start a new thread on the Community Forum.

Developer Tools Team