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Hi, I tried using Faceit Connect with a Flutter OAuth plugin and the Google Java library and both redirect me to this auth url: http://auth-api.team-platform/v1/oauth/login?client_id=CLIENT_ID&response_type=code&redirect_popup=false

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong

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Hi Gordon,

I’ve taken a look at our oauth configuration and the https://api.faceit.com/auth/v1/openid_configuration endpoint was returning an old authorization_endpoint.

The correct value is: http://api.faceit.com/auth/v1/api/authorize

We are updating this value now, but let me know here if you have any further troubles and thanks for finding this!

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Now when I get redirected to the correct url I get HTTP code 403, Access denied for both the auth and token url.
This is the url I’m trying to open: https://api.faceit.com/auth/v1/api/authorize?client_id=CLIENT_ID&redirect_uri=


Since this page is meant to be accessed by a user authorizing your app to access their FACEIT data, you will need to hit the endpoint with a user bearer token in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer

If you go onto the website and F12 in the network tab about 90% of the requests will be using your bearer token and you may test with this.

Careful when testing however, as we do not currently have the ability to remove an association once it has been made, so if you click “Approve” in the window with that user, they will be forever short-circuited to your redirect_uri.

Also while we’re here, I’d be interested to know why you haven’t chosen to use the FACEIT SDK to handle this flow for you?



Now that you’re asking, I guess it would be easier to just open a WebView with Flutter and then let the SDK do the rest :thinking:
Thanks for pointing that out.



Hi, i have a problem then a play faceit with my friend. So i have a LAN connection but he have a wifi connection(notebook), on the same router, and if i am connecting first he can’t connect, but if he is connecting first i can’t connect…Pls help, what i have to do?


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