FaceIt Community Discord



After searching for AGES and not finding a proper solution I would like to suggest, building up a community Discord Server for both the Staff and the users of FaceIt. I mean how amazing would that be?

Any thoughts can be written down below!

Truly yours,


I’m pretty sure that there is already a server for staff
But yeah it’s a cool idea :ok_hand:t2:


It depends what exactly would be the purpose of it.

I honestly think Discord is not a great way to go for big communities unless it is devoted to one subject only. Otherwise, it is really hard to keep track of what is going on. Forums are much better for discussions.

Besides that I am afraid people would just abuse it to communicate with staff via Discord instead of using methods which are intended for it.

On top of that, there is a Discord server for FACEIT CS:GO community. I do not know if there are any for Dota 2 or other games.


So basically what I had in mind was a ‘general’ community Discord where players could meet up, search for teams/parties or basically just engage with each other.

They could use the Discord Servers as a channel of communication during games or benefit from extra features as subscribers. I’m aware that there would have to be multiple servers to cover every region in a proper way but that’s possible and not a lot of extra work in my opinion.

Of course, there would’ve to be a strong team of moderators to monitor the behaviour and correct it if needed but I’m pretty sure this can be managed by a voluntary team of players that want to contribute with their time.

Just a few thoughts on that and thank you for participating in that discussion! :smiley:

On top of that, there is a Discord server for FACEIT CS:GO community. I do not know if there are any for Dota 2 or other games.

Yep there is, but it is basically just for Master League up to FPL and seems to be just used for announcing the dates, haha. :ok_hand:t3:


From my point of view, I am not sure if it is needed at this point in time.

I do not know what kind of features FACEIT is going to implement in the client, but people meet up, search for teams/parties etc. in HUBs. There is also a dedicated feature for people who are looking for teams.

This would be used by people who met in that FACEIT Discord. I do not think that people outside of it would join it to use for voice communication since everyone can make its own Discord free of charge.

Speaking of using Discord for voice communication, do you know if a lot of people prefer it over TeamSpeak/Mumble/Ventrillo or even in-game voice channel? I know that I prefer TeamSpeak myself since I think Discord used to cause random CPU usage spikes for me.

Just to make it clear, I do not mind FACEIT Discord community, but I would probably prefer to see the forums grow first. However, if FACEIT staff and community decide it is a good idea, more power to them and I will be happy to help out if needed.