FACEIT Client Update & Anticheat Results



Hi All! This week’s release is focused on two things:

  • An update on the status of the client private beta we announced last week,
  • A long overdue update on the status of the Anti-Cheat and its results so far.

Private Beta Client Update
About a week ago we announced the private beta of the full FACEIT client. Since then we started giving access to a few of you and fixing most of the feedback we got so far. Below you can find a list of new features and bug fixes we released this week.

We will now increase access to the private beta, if you applied you can expect an invite during the weekend!

New Features:

  • Matches tab now shows full list of ongoing & past matches (including hubs for those of you that already have access to them)
  • The client now takes focus when a match is found
  • Added multi-language support

Read the full blog here: https://blog.faceit.com/client-update-ac-results-a49dbae44fbf