Faceit Client Stream



Hi, is there a way to stream my faceit client via obs? I am trying (Window Capture) to stream the client for my viewer, but it keeps black :confused: . I dont like to stream my whole Browser :smiley: . Would be very nice to implement, that the client could be streamt. It would be very nice to implement a feature that allows the client to be streamed. Nevertheless the client runs smooth :slight_smile:


You can try to capture the screen and cut off the things you don’t need


You can also capture your chrome browser and cut off the top and everything else


Hmm, I’ve not seen this issue being reported before. I’ll check with the team and see if it’s a common / known issue.


i got the same problem… Window Capture= just Black Screen


Have you got anywhere with this issue. It doesn’t work for me either?


Could somebody send me a screenshot of what’s happening?


i’m also using window capture, with obs studio running as admin, black screen as well.


same problem here