Faceit client problem logging



I send 3 requests for faceit team and i can´t even take a help.

So the problem is it, when i open a browser to go for faceit, i can loggin my account, but when i open faceit client i cant even loggin with facebook account. I have all my programms updated, included JAVA SHIT.

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I need help

I’ve gotten a similar Java error window, but it resolved when i restarted my pc after i reinstalled the client


I need a answer … why i can loggin my account to faceit.com (browser) with facebook account and why is impossible to loggin on client ? … Im waiting like 1 week for this…


it happen me today and they continue to not resolve the problem


finally some 1 got the same problem.


I cant login faceit client with facebook, and with that i cant login the anti cheat and i cant play


ehehe you got the same problem was me. we need to wait for them to solv :slight_smile:


faceit solving ptoblems its a shit


bro they answer me, so the problem is FAC have issues with facebook, its why we cant loggon ours accounts. You need to send a request and they will help you :slight_smile:


send a request to who?


You can submit a support request: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.


I download FACEIT client and it opens my second account with no problem, but when I try to use my facebook account the facebook login window dont appear and I recieve an error message :https://imgur.com/a/dVgR8