Faceit client - Open for customization? Show elo and country such as addons for webbrowsers


Topic, are one allowed to edit the faceit client so that we can for example see elo of players in lobby such as the addons do for webbrowser on faceit.com ?

Or does the developers thinking of adding these features to the client?


Why you don`t use Faceit web client? Win client has the same build as web client…


You mean the website? Because the win client is easy to shortcut to and no need for browser adding to strain the cpu / gpu etc.

Why not add the feature to the client? I mean you advertise the client as you want everyone to use it… so why not just answering if it’s open for customization?


I made shortcut to browser Faceit page, Forum etc.

This is not true. It depends on what CPU you have!

Its no intended to edit compiled exe files.


Exactly it depends on what cpu/gpu/settings/addons you use for the browser.

I know it’s not intended but if it’s allowed.


In this case client does not have this option and even for other devs (who don`t have project) it will be hard to reverse engineer whole project because project is compiled to computer language.


Well sucks that it’s not an feature for the client as faceit wants us to use it.