Faceit client/AC Linux port


Hello there, I am a fedora wearing lover of counterstrike, and was simply wondering if/when faceit had plans to port theirclient and anti cheat to linux (and mac I guess). I don’t get flagged by faceit staff but everyone yells at me for not having the AC (even though I’m not very good), and I dont switch to windows because I like the linux message of open source and free, as well as the fact that troubleshooting hardware issues, programming in anything (except c+ and its related languages) is a lot simpler to compress and debug (this also makes people think im a cheater when in reality programming is needed for web development so WADU HECK). Thank you for your time, and I would love to have some answers or estimations from the faceit devs / staff.


+1 It would really be helpful to know if it’s even remoetly on the roadmap. I know it’s hard to make any promises, but a clear message from Faceit regarding a Linux client would very much be appreciated.