Faceit Client 2 BUGS



Hello guys, for me the client have 2 bugs !
I’m running win 10 home x64 (paid version, up to date)!
First bug, stats and elo update only if i close the app and re-open again.
Second bug, when my computer go to sleep/hibernate (or any state other than shut down or restart) and then i start the pc again the app freeze and i need to restart the computer to work again (i can’t open windows bar/task manager/nothing)
I hope you can improve app performance because nearly 400mb of ram is enormous for me.
Sorry if my english is bad.
Have a good day.


Hey thanks!

  1. re stats do you mean on the homepage?
  2. re the startup bug, you can hit CTRL+R to fix it, we are working on a proper fix (it happens on some types of wireless routers)
  3. RAM should not be over 180-200MB, are you in any hubs? How much RAM does it take at startup on your PC? In any case we are working on making it more efficient :slight_smile:



Ram 300mb on startup and stay there, but sometimes go to 400 +. I’m not part of any hubs.


that’s strange. On mine it takes 180MB. Can you share the specs of your PC?