Faceit Cheaters


Game - https://beta.faceit.com/ru/csgo/room/816de6b3-a90d-44d1-81cb-9f6848af619a
Cheater 100% - evaLuna
Cheater 100% - KevinAllein


Hey @hAVK

Did you report them after the game by clicking red thumbs down button in the match room?

If you want to know more, please take a look at How to Report a Cheater and more!!.


yes i report this shit by clicking red thumbs


bro, don’t think reporting will change anything. I played against cheaters for the past 2 months in every game I played, EVEN TODAY!!! I bought premium cauze I thought It will help me, but it doesn’t. FaceIt and MM are unplayable right now. I dropped from level 6 to 2 by only losing against cheater shit kids. It makes totally no sense to invest any money into this platform, it’s completely wasted. When I press play, you can be 100% sure to get matched up against a cheater kid. DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE TO BUY PREMIUM, because it doesn’t help you in any way. Also, the statistics, which you will unlock then, are not even worth.
And to the report thing… if you have luck, 1 out of 2.000 cheaters get overviewed and the worst thing that can happen to him is getting flagged with anti-cheat, which is worse than vac.

If someone of the FaceIt-stuff should read this, don’t think I try to be rude to your thing here, but it simply doesn’t work. I just can’t see these shitty cheating kids anymore. It makes me so extremely sad. I was going to play myself up to level 7, until I got matched against cheaters only. I´m sorry but I will not support this with money, I hope you can understand this.



FYI https://beta.faceit.com/en/players/KevinAllein got banned for cheating.