Faceit cheaters



Dear Administration faceit, please watch this demo and make a final verdict. These people play in the 5th with cheats. I very much hope that you view this demo. I write to you because I know that your report system is not working !!! Your anti-cheat doesn’t help anything.
If You are very good to treat your players, then again, please view this demo


Could you specify the player in the demo or at what rounds suspicions arise?
add: I’m not a admin, just pointing out that it would be easier if you could specify the moments where you decided that they are probably cheating.


After 0:3


If you have some spare time, give it to view the demo . There you will understand when you see how to play 9 level . And when they went over T the side, so they all just started playing and not hiding cheats.
I decided to try to write here, because I know that faceit report system it does not work .


Just to point out, faceit anti-cheat has improved a lot.
I will take a look soon, not that i can help it but just to see if it’s indeed suspicious.


czeczen1916 Tomekk890 This guys.
I think your opinion will be very important. Otherwise, no way to find justice. I for my 4.5 k hours can no longer play normally.
When you’re caught a level 10 with him as friends 2-3 levels in 99% of this cheats has already been checked. Continually revised demo for them.
So I think faceit is necessary to reconsider the balance in the party.


Advice; Just skip to the next game and play, if you indeed find someone suspicious report them after the game in the match room.

Assume that everyone that plays on the platform are playing legit.


Their report system no. She’s just useless.
Here’s another 1 of cheer, who now plays at level 10 in the master League

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoMEHgVJQQU - AIM Detected.
And now dear administration, why is he not banned?


I couldn’t see any obvious cheating, if you could specify the player along with the round/time then i’ll take a look again.

The only thing i noticed was that Foxy~ player had a bit weird placement with the crosshair at times, though can’t say it was obvious cheats. Anyway as i said earlier specify the moment and the player.
Report the player and continue to play, faceit anti-cheat is good.


Probably because at that time the Anti-cheat wasn’t able to detect the aimbot (if he indeed had one).
Why admins hasn’t taken any action is probably because they don’t have enough evidence?

Either way, again continue with your game the anti-cheat is good and if you do suspect anyone report them after the game, it’s also good if you specify at what time/round in the comment.


How can there be little evidence in this moment? :smile: