Faceit balancer

I have more then 1500 matches played on faceit and more then 2000 on valve matchmaking. Most of them have been played solo or duo, I noticed that some of players in free and premium queue abusing balancing system by just taking smurf low-lvl accs and high lvl acc so their average elo is about 1425 and balancer giving them a bunch of lvl 4s. It ends up in 2 guys having 30 bomb and the rest are chilling, while in other team everyone’s kdr is under 1 or very close to it, bcuz smurf and high lvl premades just making triple quadro kills and no 1 is able to win a duel. Or a guy has smuft acc and just playing for fun carrying his low-lvl team. In some cases elo doesn’t reflect player’s actual skill. It’s not a competitive gameplay at all.
To fix this faceit can disable elo from lvl 1 to lvl 8 and give ranks and balance only towards players’ performance statistics (guns, voice chat, utility usage, kills/death rating and damage relatively each enemy - to calculate how strong enemy player is able to kill, and ordinary kdr, etc) for last 5-10 won matches (so smurfs can’t abuse it by been inactive or playing worse then they are) for example. Once player reaches lvl 8 he cant go lower, but if player is been inactive, loses rank just like in valve matchmaking and is to play in several matches, which are balanced towards his last performance stats. By the way, instead of elo, players with ranks lover then 8 (lvl eight) should get some other “performance” points that are calculated relatively towards absolutely top rated player.
This may remove concept of smurf accounts because once player performed better then average player in his skill group (“performance” points range) he gets to his skill group range. I believe with that, players will be able to improve themselves by playing as the part of one of equal teams with the actual chance of winning close to 50%. And since they’re all kind of equal, to win they will have to play mindgames as teamplay-based game requires, not just mess around and win the game because your team has some players with amazing personal skill and they simply doesn’t feel enemies.
P.S. Sorry for my english it’s not my native language. I typed amount of games played in first paragraph, not to show that I’m cool and etc but with purpose so say that I am experienced player and I think that I know what i’m talking about.