Faceit anticheat is so frustrating, can an admin or mod help?


So, lets go back to a simpler time, February 2016, almost three years ago FaceIT promised they were attempting to find a solution for MAC and Linux users to use the AntiCheat. I haven’t been able to play in a year because I was reported, and even though I’ve tried everything, I’m not able to download the AC. I have sent emails and tweets to FaceIT support for a year, consisting of 4 tweets and an automated bit reply from the email I sent that didn’t help at all. I have read the February article 9 times. Why does this have to be so complicated.


Mac and Linux role is not for gaming. Thats why no one wants to waste money and bring more problems to the table.


They have promised that they were working on it, regardless I don’t have control over what I game on, I am still too young to work a job that will get me nearly enough money for a PC, and my parents would never buy a PC if they could help it. Sure it’s not intended for gaming, but when I get 150-300 FPS on high settings I don’t think it really matters.


Its sad to hear that. They can promise any stuff but you need to understand any big company consider what projects they want to make and what projects is not so important.
As dev my self Mac brings more problems and its not worth it.


Doing this just hurts the company more, it’s already going down especially since the FaceIT Major was one of the worst in history that most pros and analysts hated, and young and old talents being kicked out of FPL for seemingly no reason just gives the attraction to ESeA.


Everything is for a reason. Faceit has 70k+ online, tournaments, they bring you free experiance, web client, pros etc. ESEA has 1k+ online, live admin support and thats it.
Major was great, nothing special like every Major.
They kick from FPL to bring more new active players.


Viewer ratings were at the lowest in almost 2 years, general treatment of pros were horrible especially when the catering service tried to limit how much food the pros could buy, there were way too many tech problems and people hated the final. Also queueing for matches, ESEA Rank S, and playerbase count/toxicity is better on ESEA than FaceIT