Faceit anticheat csgo problem


So when i start a game in faceit, i turn on my Faceit anti cheat and launch csgo
But when i launch csgo it shows in friends bar that im green(In game) for 3 seconds after 3 seconds it goes back to online and the game wont start:/ After the fail of starting the game it show me an error like this : http://prntscr.com/lmfge8

It only happens when im using Faceit anti cheat. When i dont use it its working without any problem.
And i found out that csgo works with Faceit anti cheat only when i did not start a game on faceit


Its not Faceit AC issue. Thats all about your PC. Check what PC is blocking etc. This issue is more releated to cracked win builds.


Nahh its faceit AC problem im 100% sure


Can be but try to check for windows update and if you are using windows 10 insder dont bc that dosent work great with the anti cheat