Faceit anticheat- Any mods there?


I have a message that i need to use the faceit anticheat. i want to ask WHY. Im not premium, im trying to run faceit anticheat but ive got an error veryfying digital signature. IDK what to do, i tried update windows but it doesnt work. Also im playing from an internet coffe place and PC’s automatically deletes updates after restart. HOW i suppose to join faceit anti cheat and WHY i have to. Any MOD answer me, i already made a topic some hours before and NOONE answer my questions. THANKA


Another ban from anticheat THANKS THANKS


bump, [why i need anti-cheat when im non-premium] Help me


Somehow i can join in queue normally now, thanks if any mode helped


Bump, once again i cant join a queue, needing faceit anti cheat, any mod help me!