Faceit anti-cheat


hey, think its weird that its not any mandatory anti-cheat?!! that u have to be reported to be put under ac eyes?
seems bullet proof. why have a separate client to run AC, think it would be better to integrate with the other app.

also a B.I.G problem these days is that when Scandinavians join a lobby with Germans, Netherlanders, Frenches, blyats. its often laggy and 66-81 ping. so people leave, often. (also because of map choice…) and then u have to search 4 new game, only annoying the first 9 times! pls, make it so a lucky random can quick join a game!
all he needs to know is map server and ‘‘accept’’

i would also like to mention K/D stat in lobby. sometimes i check every player on each team

my team feks : 1.04- 1.16- 0.85- 2.22- 0,94
other teaM:::::: 0.44- 0.33- 0.89- 1.11- 0.64

i now now if i should rush, play safe, lurk… from game start… (often) u see

thnks plp -harold out