Faceit Anti-Cheat MEMORY_MANAGEMENT blue screen

Never had any significant problems with Faceit Anti-Cheat before. But during today’s update my computer goes to blue screen every time I try to download and install the newer version of the AC client.

The blue screen message is MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and I’ve never experienced this before. The blue screen occurs exclusively when updating AC…I’ve tried to update the client 4 times.

Any fix? Or any way to download an exe with the latest version already in place?

I got a blue screen, im not sure how to fix it, can you help me out? Seriously why would faceit put out an ac update that screwed me over this bad, i dont want to reset my pc and have to lose all my saved files

Same issue for me and a friend. Started yesterday and got it every time i started Faceit Anti-Cheat.
The blue screen message is MEMORY_MANAGEMENT
Windows is fully updated.

I have the same issue. Started yesterday 12.11.2019. Already did a format c but no help. Opening faceit ac and starting downloading updates and it crashing and coming blue screen. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

I have the same prob. It crashed the whole windows and I had to reinstall windows. I send this failure to FACEIT. Until now no answer.

Well now AC is working. But why no information about that? I want compensation because my windows didn’t respond anymore and i did format and my all data is now lost for that.

Just here to say i got this same problem. I couldn’t even boot i to windows afterwards.

If anyone need a fix for this i’m your man.

To fix this i opened CMD from the repair menu. Used these commands.
“C:” (This is to set your path as the C: drive)
“CD /windows/system32/drivers/” (Here you are changing your path inside the C: drive)
“del FACEIT.SYS” (now we are deleting the bad behaving file)
“exit” (This takes you back to the repair menu)
Now restart your PC.

After this I recommend that you unistalle faceit and faceit anticheat then restart your PC and reinstall it again.

Yours truly

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Heyy man, my windows doesnt let me enter in safe mode or neither let me enter in safe mode with command prompt?

Do i have to install new windows? I have so much data i cant lose it.

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Did you ever get a fix for this, I have the exact problem now and windows also doesn’t allow me to start up in any safe mode and won’t start up at all. This is a horrific experience and I don’t know how faceit has allowed this to happen to so many people.