Faceit anti-cheat huge problem


Hello, I have downloaded your Anti-Cheat and now my computer isn’t working.
I have same problem like this guy had : Pc wont start because of faceit.sys

but I can’t even start the command prompt.
need fix asap!!!


Hey, i can see that many people have exactly the same issue and it happened to me as well. one of the faceit members posted a while ago some steps which actually helped me to remove faceit.sys from my system and run the windows normally. In my case, windows was on D drive compared with C how normally is and it was just a matter of changing C with D and worked.

""Are you using a cracked/modified version of Windows? FACEIT.sys is automatically unloaded in safe mode to prevent these kind of issues, but this error appears before the file is even loaded.
Have you tried to go in Windows repair? Automatic repair might solve it, otherwise you can go in a command prompt inside the Automatic repair, and type the following:

  1. C:
  2. cd C:/Windows/System32/drivers
  3. del FACEIT.sys
    Then just reboot and Windows should load just fine.""

Try and see if will work for you as well. We don’t have yet an answer to see how we can install anticheat and not having this error though


Entry code is required for login, but I lost the data of Google Authentication so I couldn’t log in. Can you help me out?
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