Faceit anti-cheat client


I swear to god we decided to play a tournament for 1 time and of course this company has problems with their anti-cheat client. We play 3 v 5 the first 6 rounds. We ask for a remake and there is 0 respons what an awfull company this is!



100% agree :smiley:
You done diddelie doo fucked up :smiley:


Jeez what a shit show this is. Finally able to join the game when it was 6-0. But ended up losing. If the anti cheat client reacted, we could have won the game. Really lame to lose a tournament like this…


true, Anti-cheat bugs fucking everyone over in this tournament


What an aids company, right?


Was in TS, wasnt even in the game.
everyone is mad, 10/10 would go in TS again


oh and fix your shit faceit #wtfisthisshait


That’s right eddie #wtfisthisshait! This is just pure cancer and pure tilting. People outside of the game having more fun is not how it works Faceit! #wtfisthisshait


Yesterday there was an announcement on top of the FACEIT page explaining the situation. Some European ISP’s were having routing issues causing high ping and disconnects with the anti cheat.