Faceit afk ban



Hello, guys, i have some troubles with my internet and it happens very random. Connection just falls down and i can’t connect on server in time and getting ban being afk. I ve been playin faceit every day since the beginning of the past week and sometimes was banned coz of afk (described u why it happened), sometimes played all the game and everything was ok, but these bans are counting every time and every time when i don’t connect to the server client gives me more and more penalty time. Started from 20 min and now it’s 24 hrs but only didn’t connect like 3 times maybe. Please, i want u to unban my acc and let me play faceit and i think u should rework ur penalty system for not connecting on server in time. If u didn’t connect but next 2-3 games u ve played, previous penalty time should be set to zero and start count again.