Faceit ac


Why in the god damn fucking world should I have to enable anti cheat just to play vs people without anti cheat? Why should I have to pay for premium just to play vs people with anti cheat enabled? How money hungry are you fucking losers? Literally your anti cheat is shit, you let EU [Mod Removed] play NA servers with 150+ ping, you’re worse than cevo.


Hi @YungJezus - First and foremost, please keep your language civil while on the forums. We don’t mind swearing here and there, but I’ve edited out part of your post because it’s completely unnecesarry. I’d refer you to the Forum’s Guidelines, specifically this section:

Appropriate Conduct

We hold our players to a high regard in terms of their conduct while on the platform and in our forums. While, being gamers ourselves, we know that things can get heated in the moment and tempers rise, we expect all our players to be civil and courteous to the other players on the forum.

Now, on to your post. Players can be tagged to use the Anti-Cheat for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is that that player has received a number of reports for cheating. If you’re not cheating, take it as a compliment - people think you’re too good.

I’m not quite sure why EU players using NA servers is related to our Anti-Cheat? Mind elaborating?


There was a comma after me saying your anti cheat is shit. Read please and stop being a faceit white knight