Faceit AC


Regarding about the Faceit AC, is it necessary to put something like this? I mean I am playing with Faceit AC when I am in my house, but I can’t do it with my friends when I am playing in a internet cafe with them, which is the internet cafe has something that called Deep Freeze that will reset everything, and it makes me sad that I can’t play with them in faceit.


You can ask your internet caffe to save AC. Thats possible.


Yah, the problem is that the one who owns this, isn’t actually here and he just leaves his internet cafe to his brother, and doesn’t really know about such applications, and on how to remove this Deep Freeze in here. Maybe I’ll try.


and another problem is the Faceit AC keeps saying that the windows needs to update and the one who is in-charge in the internet cafe that I am playing is the brother of the Owner that doesn’t really know about this, and in order to update it needs the password administrator which means the owner of the internet cafe, and I think the owner is way too busy because christmas is coming


Thats a different story. Your just unlucky.