FACEIT AC: "You need to disable testigning to launch FACEIT AC"


Hi there, When I turn on Faceit Anti-Cheat software, I get the error “You need to disable testsigning to launch FACEIT AC”. I had no such problem before. Please help in this matter. Thank you.

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Hi @ondymax - Thanks for making the thread (I replied on Twitter).

I found this from our Customer Support Manager

Click Start, and then type cmd in the Search box. Under Programs, right-click cmd.exe, and then click Run as administrator. At the command prompt, type the following text, and then press Enter: bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF. Close the Command Prompt window, and then restart your computer.


You can also try updating your Windows to the latest version.


Thank you for your response, but it did not work. I’ve tried this before. :confused:


I’ve sent the thread to our AC team to see if they know what’s up :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for your reply as soon as possible. thanks.


So? Did you find anything yet because i had the same problem too?


i am having the same problem … first faceit ac was giving this error “your system isn’t upto date” for that i did what faceit support has told … i went to that microsoft catalogue website and installed windows6.1-kb3207752-x64_ae76c47886acadcbe337b7b565f63f0991afc7be.msu … then after that it gave me another error “error verifying driver signature” i again did what faceit support has told … and now it gives me this same error " disable testsigning" i disabled it through bcdedit … i am using windows 7 x64… faceit ac was working fine but my windows got corrupt so i reninstalled it … windows is updated … please helpp it is so freakin annoying


If you find any solution please let me know :frowning:


hey i just updated windows and problem fixed