Faceit AC problem


First off, I’m on windows 7 64bit Service pack 1. The first time i installed the anti-chat i got an error saying that i needed to update windows.

So I updated windows a week or so later, and then reinstalled the anti-cheat. This time I had no errors at all and thought it was ready to go.

I noticed that the anti-cheat is not enabled every time i enable it, every CS:GO PUG i join theres no orange badge next to my name.

What could fix this issue? Thanks for reading

TLDR; Running FACEIT Anti-cheat, its enabled but not running when joining PUGS.


a common problem many players have had recently is that the anti-cheat is running in the background yet it doesnt show the orange shield/badge icon next to their profile picture. ive had the problem countless times but if you check you will still be running the anti-cheat it just wont show the icon. it could be a server/client glitch or a simple website glitch. but this is a very common problem within the community. patience is a virtue my friend, kudos.


The shield is displayed only next to the players which are required to use the anti-cheat in the particular match.