Faceit AC problem



So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Faceit AC because of how many obvious aimbotters I get in my matches. I think the AC should be forced to use even in non-premium, cause I really don’t see a point to have a AC when you can hack few games and then sell your CS account and buy new one and repeat the process. The “You-have-gotten-many-reports-so-You-have-to-use-our-AC” system is pretty bad. Me personally have to use AC to play on your serves cause I have played many games and have gotten many reports. Every game I play there is atleast 5 people that don’t have your AC enabled. And in 90% of the time they play very fishy. Maybe making people force to use the AC solves that issue, and I personally think it would. So why haven’t there already been update on AC and make people force to use it? Do you think people will quit playing Faceit because you want “clean” players not play against non AC users? Just force people yo use it and I think 90% of the player base is happy to see that update. But that is just my opinion and you don’t have to listen to it.
Best wishes