Faceit AC issue?

Not sure where this should go exactly, but I have been having an issue with the faceit AC -
When ever I am logged in to the AC my in game FPS is capped at 58 even with fps_max 0

I have tried various fixes including from the support page and random things posted to reddit etc.

System specs:
I5 9600k
GTX 2060
16 GB DDR4-2666
m.2 main drive and game install (inc. AC)

my FPS without the AC is around 550, with the client 58-60 max.

This is making it almost completely unplayable (idk how people play with sub 144FPS)
also I have tried with both faceit client and browser - I copy paste IP in console never click connect via client or browser.

I am at a loss of whats causing this issue - this is also a fresh install of windows (fully updated) msking me not want to play faceit :confused:

Any help is appreciated.