FaceIT AC cant open

my problem is, when I want to open FaceIt AC, it will not open. I mean, it will start loading, but it will not open so I have AC still disabled.
Can you help me, how to fix it?
I have tried to uninstall FaceIt AC, FaceIt app, delete every folder from FaceIt, but nothing helps. I also tried tutorials on the internet, Reddit, everywhere, but nothing. If I download an older version of FaceIt AC, it will download new version, install, and when I restart my pc, I again can not open it. Also, I tried some CMD commands, which delete something, or detect if something in Windows left, but still nothing. Windows defender is disabled - i do not use others security sw, i do not need it.

Can u help me, please?
I have already wrote to FaceIt support at Tuesday, but still not answer -_-.