Face it AC Error


Hello everyone. I hope someone can help me :(.

P.S the image is taken with my phone. I m Sorry for that.


Hey @Kadilllac - we have an FAQ that covers this issue, which can be found here.

You need to have Kernel Patch Protection enabled to launch FACEIT AC"

If you have this error, you have most likely modified your Windows kernel to disable Kernel Patch Protection, which is a security feature of Windows. It is also known as “Patchguard”.

Some cracked versions of Windows are also known to hack the kernel. You will need to remove whichever crack you have installed which modified it.

It is also possible that your system is infected by a rootkit.

You can try to revert the changes that you have done, but it is at your own risk. Reinstalling a proper version of Windows might be needed in some cases, if you cannot recover the original kernel.