F.B.I. feedback


Just had a read of Fabian’s post… While it’s taking a more aggressive approach I thought I’d raise a couple of points that I believed need to be addressed.

Reports by premades
The reporting system is open to abuse by premades, I’ve lost count how many times multiple reports have been made because one player got mad and got his two mates to also report. This can easily be resolved by reducing the weighting of reports originating from the same premade in a game.

Reports in consecutive games
Touching on the above, I’ve also experienced where individuals have faced the same opponents two/three/four matches in a row and each time reported them. Repeated reports from a player against the same player in consecutive games should also have reduced weighting.

What I’m absolutely flabbergasted about is that homophobia and racism goes unpunished. While this is more difficult to deal with in game, when it’s spammed in a match lobby it’s very straight forward - in these instances a straight ban should be issued, no warnings. For a growing company, especially one based in the UK, your inaction to deal with these issues could quickly come to bite you in the rear in a big way. There should be zero tolernace.


This does not make a problem.

Players who do this and got his mates to also do this needs to get some responsible actions from Faceit. People think about kicking someone and reporting after first round - what a mindset.
(false kick and false/rage reporting)


It does when it comes to malicious reporting.


Sorry MARKODY, are you FaceIT staff? Doesn’t look like you are but reading your replies to different posts you certainly seem to reply to give the impression that you are…


No Iam not. I just want to deliver as best possible support for players and devs.


Stop misleading people with your replies then.


What you meant? Every answer I post is related to question!


I reported the same issue long time ago and now again with this update the faulty bans will even be more due to abuse and toxic people who just downvote people for basically playing bad or muting them ingame.