I’ve been playing faceit for a long time, but today there is many things to change (for me its unplayable) .

  1. First of all the AC… Why the hell new users dont need to turn on
    AC? They can easily cheat like the first 3 matches and then uninstall cheats and turn on the AC without getting ban. (usualy it happens when u go F with lower friends - u meet new accounts against you). From now on FPS after turning on AC. My PC is very weak and when I switch on the AC, it takes like 50 FPS of (I play on 40-50 FPS). Could you do something with it, please?
  2. For some reason you take off option to look into the console and read demage you’ve just done. Could you, please, return it?
  3. Names everyone wants to have his actual nick and if you want to change it, you have to pay with F points, have’t you? There is problem that you have to win these F point. So if we had to pay for changing nick, could you let us buy these F points? I would pay for it, but 10 € max.
    4.Fix smurfing
    I’ll summarize it right now. You, FACEIT, are great platform for playing, but definitly you would be THE BEST if you changed these things. Thank you for answering me on all these questions. :slight_smile: