EU not NA, switch to another bracket?


Hello, I notice that my profile lists me as EU, not NA, and I can’t change that. Does it matter?

Also, there are two brackets for Canada. Canada 1 appears to be the bracket I’m in, based on the email I got, but I’m not sure. How do I know for sure? If I am in the 10 am EST one, is it possible to switch to the later Canada one? I’ve got something else happening at 10.



I’ve sent the thread to the team as I’m unsure of the answer, but should have one for you soon.


Ok thank you. I do see “NHLGWC | QUAL | CA | PS4 #1 A” so I presume the “A” means group A, but I don’t know. I’ll stay in the tournament for now, but if I can’t be in the B group then I’m out unfortunately.


Hey gkirk,

Thanks for making us aware of the region of your profile (EU / NA). You may change it in your profile if you navigate to “Game Settings”.

Remember you can only play in either the “A” or the “B” bracket - not both. If you would prefer to play in the “B” bracket, please navigate to the “A” qualifier first and you will be able to leave it (there will be a “LEAVE” button).

Then, navigate to the “B” qualifier and sign up to that one. All done!
If you need any assistance, please let us know.

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