EU Matches


Is there any way on faceit to avoid playing with Russians? I have been racially abused in the last 3 games by Russians and its not fun when you are trying to play! Please can someone help


No, ignore them and mute them.


This shows how shit faceit is!

We have to either tolerate racism from them or mute them and then ruin the game because of the lack of calling and team work. What a shit place this is turning into


Yeah and that doesn’t do anything!

I was racially abused by several Russians and I make the complaint and nothing at all gets done.

Sorry to say but this is the last time I will playing FaceIt.

To me this makes Faceit just as racist by doing NOTHING about the situation. If anything it encourages people to be racist because literally nothing will be done about it


Whole CS GO community is toxic. At this point you should just ignore these players.

I know Faceit still dont care even if you report them. Faceit should allow live Admins to punish players for than but as you can see they dont care.


Its a shit place to play and until the rules on racism are fixed and sorted I wont be playing here. Shame really but if they want to encourage racism by doing nothing about it then its a shit place to be


Whole CS GO community is toxic. No one gonna ban players for toxic behavior because people like you take this personal. Grow up.


I take racism personally yes! The other toxic stuff I don’t care about but racism is where the line is drawn. Simple really.

As for “Grow up”, why don’t you grow up and understand racism in any manner or walk of life is wrong and should be dealt with. Idiot!