Endpoint Request: /players/{player_id}/teams

Hello there,

I would like to list the teams for a player so I can cross check a tournament to see if they have signed up or not. Rather than asking for all the teams via /tournaments/{tournament_id}/teams then asking the API for each team and cross checking the members. It will reduce the amount of API calls I need to make.

I’d expect the endpoint to return an Array of team objects including members.

  "avatar": "string",
  "chat_room_id": "string",
  "cover_image": "string",
  "description": "string",
  "facebook": "string",
  "faceit_url": "string",
  "game": "string",
  "leader": "string",
  "members": [
      "avatar": "string",
      "country": "string",
      "faceit_url": "string",
      "membership_type": "string",
      "memberships": [
      "nickname": "string",
      "skill_level": 0,
      "user_id": "string"
  "name": "string",
  "nickname": "string",
  "team_id": "string",
  "team_type": "string",
  "twitter": "string",
  "website": "string",
  "youtube": "string"