Enable AC - Anti Cheat for Dirty Bomb


@FaceIT please enable your AC for Dirty Bomb and add this game to official sector.

I should explain, cheaters in Dirty Bomb are well knows (for me) they do it since years since the closed Alpha/Beta and they didnt got banned a single time. Its a very familliar and closed group, i think they have dudes inside the Dirty Bomb Staff/Support. Or its just the fact EAC - Easy Anti Cheat is simply useless. I recognized that this guys are maybe the only ones who keep Dirty Bomb alive over years so its a good job, but its annoying for normal playing ppl. and FaceIt is the chance to play without Cheats fair fights. i hope that this guys will accept this. Btw. TIP: Support FaceIT by enabling Anti Cheat also for unsupported games. In their FAQ they said that they always collect important data if FaceIT AC is enabled and Game is running.