Elo visual glitch**


I played a game the other day and my team won by 14 rounds and I had a 6.33 K/D because I was being really cautious because I wanted to get as much elo as possible in hopes of getting to silver by the end of the month. But when I checked my elo I had lost 3 elo points for that match… really hope that there is an explanation for this because I’m a bit salty after losing 2 games after this one.

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Hey @NatriumS - I’ve moved this thread from User Feedback to Community > CS:GO as I don’t believe that this is a bug (well, other than a visual one that is known about by the team!)

I’ve taken a look through your account for you, and it looks like there was a game inbetween the 1081 Elo and 1078 Elo matches.

This is the match: https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/bb290cc5-40f4-48b1-a245-b398e8438592

It doesn’t seem to show an Elo value on your profile, which means that it was probably stuck and an admin had to come in and fix the lobby post-match. This will not display Elo on your profile, but add it onto your account within our DB.

The Elo you gained from losing the “unmarked match” was more than likely 3 Elo less than the next match you won. Hopefully the picture below explains this a bit more visually. As you can see, the match 29 Jan - 22:22 isn’t shown.

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