Elo System


Hello guys, i have so many questions about our so called ELO system, we have the new monthly placement games, im a premium user, so i have to play 3 matches, on the normal MM im Supreme rank, but i have been playing faceit with so dumb fucking people, im down to 500elo, how can i get back up from this? i only get queed with new players or troll people, and why should i try for a new placement when the leagues are based on the elo? i will like always be bronze with this elo system, didnt we have a elo reset every month? whats up with that now, i will not play with this shit called 500elo with shit people anymore


Hi @Gtsgaten

In the past ELO was reset every month, but that does not happen anymore. I think there is no other way to get out of “500 ELO” but to win games.

If you have another Steam account with CS:GO, you may ask FACEIT Support to deactivate your current account and then create a new FACEIT account with a new Steam ID. If you want to know more, please read: