Elo system for mixed 5on5 CSGO is


fucking retarded!
Why do i lose elo if i always play my heart out but some fucking retards on the other side of the map cant hold the spot 10/10 times?
So i take their position and do an ace in the first round im there. Cool stuff really i love yu faceit ::

So i deranked to level 6 in 5 days from master and got put into a full level 10 match.
I carry my team , we win, i gain 10 elo total for winning against 5 level 10’s :DDD

Then… i get put into a game with full level 5 , 6 and 8 and lose while carrying.
And you take 34 elo off me. hahaha
fix your shit i am so tired of this fucking crap system.


I’m going to just put this here:

Probably one of the most crucial thing when you play solo queue is to be humble against your teammembers. Even when you lose try to be humble, bigger chance of comeback if people are nice to each other.

Though i have to say to get to level 10 on your own is really hard, i just hit level 10 myself and it took a lot of time and energy. I really thought it was impossible, and to a point i still do due to how the toxicity is on Faceit.