ELO Stacking - Suggestion (CSGO)

Enable ELO restrictions when queuing with more than one player.

Because of how the Avg. ELO system works to determine the elo +/- during a match, a level 10 can queue with a level 1 and play against nothing but level 5-7, and completely stomp.

Just had this situation happen to me, and my goal is to IMPROVE. Not kill a level 3 player and then get swung on by a level 10 player well above my caliber.

With this ELO stacking method, he’s able to accumulate MUCH more elo than he would if he queued within his rank, and farm players levels 5-7 of 30+ elo every match.

It ruins the competitive atmosphere, and makes those level 10 players who are deservedly level 10 be subject to the idea of fraudulent skill.

This isn’t even a new issue, this has been persistent for years on this pug service, and it’s SO disrespectful to your userbase to allow such elo abuse.


Totally agree to him.
It’s so dumb, high elo players can create a new account und play with their mates. get identity card number verification !