Elo ranking in time


I want to collect elo ranking for each player after each match with date. I could not find the way of doing. How can I get it?
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I do not need a live version of it. I am using past matches of a player. What I need is that, for each past match of a player, what is the Elo ranking of that player (before or after) for this match?


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Read Faceit api docs and do live requests. Dev btw :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Can you share me the link of docs?
Where can I do live request?




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Pay me and I will show you. You are one lazy dev.


I have checked the api page and nothing found about the task I mention. I am waiting response for devs of Faceit API.I will welcome if you share in the forum to benefit all devs from your solution otherwise, thanks for your offer.


Using the data API v4 (not api.faceit.com) it doesn’t look like you are able to retrieve the elo for players on a given match. So you will have to request it to be added by FACEIT and wait for that possibility.

One thing you can do in the meantime if you already have a list of players that you want to track, is to create a POST endpoint and link it up to the match_finished webhook, and store the elo of the players you want in your own database at the time of the match finishing.

It is not the perfect solution but it is enough for a proof-of-concept.

If you don’t need the exact elo, you can see the skill level of each player for each match but I suspect this is not what you are looking for.


Thank you for your response.It would be better if we can get easily. This something to add by dev.